Monday, August 1, 2011

Goodbye Oxford

These pictures are from our last two days at Oxford. On the penultimate day, Kristin and I ran into Benjamin and Aaron at the Vault Gardens where we stayed for tea. Later, we met up with some of the others at an Italian restaurant for dinner and then met up with the rest of the crowd at the King's Arms for one last evening together.

The next day, Kristin and I wandered through our favorite haunts and stopped to see places we hadn't had a chance to visit yet. We then headed back to Oxford for a farewell garden party that Chuck and Brian had planned for us. It turned out to be a lot of fun! We all dressed up and enjoyed traditional British food including pickle and cheese, marmite, and cucumber and cream cheese sandwhiches. Afterwards, Kristin, Aaron, Benjamin, and I headed into town for one last dinner at the Eagle and Child. Goodbye Oxford!

Kristin, Aaron, and Benjamin at the Vault Gardens

We stopped by the Eagle and Child only to find out they were no longer serving dinner.

Fortunately, we found an Italian restaurant that was open.

Later in the evening at the Kings Arms

Looking out from the tower near the Vaults & Garden with Kristin.
A view of the Radcliffe Camera

A bird's eye view of the rest of Oxford

me and Kristin

Taking a walk through the grounds at Magdalen College

Kristin at Magdalen College

Me at Magdalen College

The bridge at Magdalen
A picture from the bridge

Views from the bridge

At the garden party

The table was well laden with delicious food

Out in the gardens after the party

Me and Han

Charlotte and Kevin

Milling around outside

At the Eagle and Child with Benjamin, Aaron, and Kristin for a last Oxford dinner.
We even got to sit by the fireplace, the same place where C.S. Lewis and Tolkien would sit!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bath Pictures

Here are the pictures from my trip to Bath as well as some pictures of the Oxford graduate housing where I stayed for the last two weeks. Enjoy!!!

Making lunch with Stephanie in our lovely kitchen!

Behind graduate housing where we lived for the last two weeks

The graduate housing gardens

Quite a nice place to take a walk!

Kristin on the bridge in the graduate housing gardens

The apartment complex we lived in for the last two weeks for our trip.

Jesus College chapel

A potluck supper with everyone at Brian, Chuck, Aguzit, and Gowon's apartment.

The abbey in Bath

The large swimming pool at the Roman Baths

The center of the bathhouse where people would come to worship their gods.

An altar erected in the Roman bathhouse temple

More of the bathhouse temple

The King's Bath

Thermal water fed from an underground spring

One of the ancient Roman bath drains

The main swimming pool

Step leading into a bath

Stacks of tiles that were used in the hottest rooms

One of the Roman baths

A better view of the King's bath

A bird's eye view of the King's bath

Lunch at an idyllic cafe with Stephanie

Inside the Bath Abbey

The Bath Abbey organ

Each angel is uniquely carved playing a different instrument

One of the stained glass windows inside the abbey

At the front of the abbey

A memorial erected inside the abbey

At the fashion museum in Bath. The costume in the movie Hamlet

One of the Roman centurian costumes used in the movie Ben-Hur

Costumes worn by Kiera Knightly in The Duchess

More costumes from The Duchess

Costumes from Sense and Sensibility

The costumes worn by Edward and Elinor in Sense and Sensibility

One of the upper rooms Jane Austen describes in Northanger Abbey

The oldest dress on display. See caption below

Wedding dresses through the ages

Winner of the 2010 dress of the year. One of my favorites.

Two other dresses I really liked. The one on the left is from the 1950s.

The streets of Bath

The Bath Crescent

Steps leading down to an apartment in Bath

Another picturesque street in Bath

The Jane Austen Center

Looking down from a bridge in Bath

The Bath gardens

Heading toward the train station to go back to Oxford